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What do you need to know about laser tattoo removal?

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Does laser tattoo removal really work?

Yes it does. If you have the right equipment and the right people. At Goodbye Tattoos we have qualified staff using a Q Switch laser, so we can completely remove your unwanted tattoo. If you don’t want complete removal, we can partially fade an existing tattoo to make way for a new tattoo.


This is a very common question and one that is not as straight forward to answer. This is because there are many variables we need to consider: type of tattoo pigment, tattoo colour, tattoo layering, health, tattoo location. These are just to name a few. On average, you’ll need between 6 to 10 treatments however everyone reacts and heals differently.

It’s important to remember that certain colours take longer than others. For example, black ink is the easiest to eliminate whereas colours like blues, greens and reds may require more sessions. You can find more information here.

It’s advisable to wait at least 6 weeks between each treatment, to give the skin enough time to heal and the body enough time to eliminate as much ink as possible.


In most cases, all tattoo colours are removed completely, depending on the colour of the tattoo and intensity. As mentioned before, everyone is different and tattoos respond differently to laser tattoo removal.

The tattoo ink absorbs the laser light to shatter it into tiny little particles. Black ink is the easiest to remove and white is one of the most difficult. It’s not impossible to remove white ink but may require a few more sessions than the other ink colours.

We have the latest laser tattoo removal technology which give us the best opportunity to provide complete tattoo removal.


Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some parts of the body can be more sensitive than others. You may experience some some soreness during and after the treatment, but that will depend on the size and location of the tattoo. Someone with more sensitive skin will feel more pain but it’s not unbearable.​ At Goodbye Tattoos we use a cooling machine called Koolio. Koolio is a chilled air-cooling device, which provides a continued flow of chilled air before, during and after the treatment. Read here for more information

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Your First Step – Free Tattoo and Skin Type Analysis

Your first step is to arrange to come in and speak to your Sydney Tattoo Removal Specialist. One of our qualified clinicians will assess your tattoo and skin type. From there we can make an assessment on how many sessions are required to remove your tattoo. We will also provide you with some pre-treatment advice, and arrange a time for you to come in for your first laser tattoo removal session.

It’s a free, no obligation assessment, so if you change your mind you aren’t tied into anything. If you are looking for tattoo removal Sydney CBD, Neutral Bay, Mosman or anywhere in the North Shore, contact us today.

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