Laser Tattoo Removal



So, you have finally decided to get rid of that unwanted tattoo. And you have many questions about the tattoo removal process. And we want to help you on your journey to tattoo free skin. Before you make an appointment, below are some helpful tips on what not to do before a laser tattoo removal treatment. Follow these and you’ll

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Can blue and green tattoos be removed?

People always wonder, can blue and green tattoos be removed? The answer is yes…..IF the right technology is used. Every tattoo is different and therefore needs the right wavelength to remove it.  Laser tattoo removal works by directing the laser energy onto the tattooed area. The tattoo absorbs the laser light energy, which breaks the ink into tiny little particles.

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Laser tattoo removal in winter

Thinking about getting rid of that tattoo but just don’t know when is a good time? Although tattoo removal can be done throughout the year, starting your laser tattoo removal journey in winter has proven to be the most effective time. Here’s why… Keeping it out of the sun To have the most effective laser tattoo removal treatment, we advise

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Why does laser tattoo removal cause frosting?

If you have just made the decision to get rid of your tattoo, and already started doing some research, you’ve probably come across the term ‘Frosting’. You may have seen some images or videos of the ‘frosting’ caused by laser tattoo removal. So why does laser tattoo removal cause frosting? ‘Frosting’ or whitening of the tattoo pigment is the reaction

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How many treatments for laser tattoo removal?

You only have to take a stroll along the beach to see how popular tattoos are. However, getting a tattoo isn’t like getting your hair or nails done, where you are required to go back every 4-8 weeks, tattoos are permanent and last forever. Like hairstyle trends, tattoo trends also change, which means more and more people are starting to

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R20 method of laser tattoo removal

You are here because you want to get rid of your tattoo as quick as you can. And when doing a lot of research and reading on the subject, you kept coming across the R20 method of laser tattoo removal. So what is the R20 method? The R20 method doesn’t require new equipment or any extra training per se, as

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Top reasons for laser tattoo removal

We always get asked, what are the top reasons for laser tattoo removal? At Goodbye Tattoos, we understand things in life are not always the same and not everything is permanent. Our team of experts never judge rather we empathise and understand. Our team will always make you feel welcome and provide you with the best service. In this article,

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A Bride’s Guide – Tattoo removal tips before the big day

The love of your life has just proposed to you and you said yes! Congratulations. Now comes the Big Day planning. Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. It’s the one day you plan everything down to every last detail. You want the right venue, the right dress, the right celebrant. Your hair and makeup

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Tattoo trends throughout the years

Have you ever wondered how tattoo trends have changed throughout the years? Tattoos have been around for years. Longer than you think. Let’s take a trip down the tattoo memory lane. 3200 BC – THE ORIGINAL INK The oldest tattoos date back a lot further than you can imagine. The world’s oldest mummy, Otzi, was discovered on the border of

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How sun exposure can affect your laser tattoo removal

We often get asked about laser tattoo removal and sun exposure. Is it possible to sunbathe before and after your laser tattoo removal treatment? In this article, we are going to give you all the information you need, and hopefully, answer your questions. We’ve already discussed in Laser tattoo removal and the immune system that having a healthy immune system

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