How Long Do I Need To Wait Between Each Treatment?

We would recommend 6 weeks between each treatment.

When the laser light hits the ink pigment, it shatters the ink into tiny little particles. To learn more about this read How does laser tattoo removal work?

The shattered ink is then eliminated through the lymphatic system. This is the body’s natural cleaning system.

Allowing 6 weeks, gives the body enough time to eliminate as much ink as possible. Also, if the tattooed area is still healing from the previous treatment, it’s advisable to give this a chance to heal and be ready for the next treatment.

We do also advise to follow the aftercare instructions so we can achieve optimum results. Keep the treated area out of sun for at least 1 week before the next treatment. If you must go in the sun be sure to use SPF30+ sunscreen and keep covered up if possible

At Goodbye Tattoos in Neutral Bay, Sydney, our friendly laser tattoo removal specialists cover all the above, and more in the initial consultation. Get in touch today

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