Laser Tattoo Removal for eyebrows

June 7, 2022

Author: Jamie Tomlinson

Laser tattoo removal for eyebrows is a great and effective option if you are unhappy with your cosmetic  eyebrows.

Cosmetic eyebrow treatments are on the rise and continue to be a popular option for most people. But there are reasons for wanting to get laser tattoo removal on the eyebrows. For most people, the objective is to fade the ink, so they can go and get a fresh pair of eyebrows. For others, they are unhappy with the cosmetic eyebrows and just want to get rid of all the ink, and enjoy their natural set for a while.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

To understand how eyebrow tattoo removal works, let’s take a step back and understand how laser tattoo removal works. The laser light is targeted onto the tattoo. The ink absorbs the laser light and shattered the ink particles into tiny little pieces. The ink is then flushed out through the lymphatic system which is the body’s natural cleansing system. Because everyone is different and so is every tattoo, everyone sees different results.

How many sessions will I need?

The great thing about cosmetic ink, is you generally won’t need as many treatments as a traditional tattoo ink. This is because the pigment isn’t inserted deep into the Dermis (the deeper layers of the ink). This means easy ink elimination.  For many people they just want to fade the eyebrow cosmetic ink rather than complete removal. Fading cosmetic eyebrows is enough for you to go and get a new micro-bladed set. For eyebrow tattoo removal, you may need between 3-10 treatments. However in saying this, some eyebrows tattoos only need 1-4 treatments.

photo of someone's eyebrows after tattoo removal      Photos of eyebrows after a laser tattoo removal treatment      Eyebrow tattoo removal photos      Client progress photos of eyebrow tattoo removal

Does eyebrow laser tattoo removal hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Everyone handles pain differently. Most people describe it as feeling like an elastic band flicking the skin. We prefer to say it’s uncomfortable but manageable. The good news the treatment will be over in minutes, if not seconds.

At Goodbye Tattoos, we use a skin cooling machine to cool the area down before and after the treatment. This makes the treatment a bit more bearable. Another option is numbing the area. There are several pain management options available when getting rid of a tattoo and these can also be applied to when getting a eyebrow removal treatment.

What to expect after the treatment?

The immediate effect we’ll see if frosting. Frosting indicates that the laser has successfully penetrated the ink. Frosting only last about 10 minutes. Soon after that, you may experience a bit of redness and mild swelling. But this will only last about 24 hours. In some very rare cases, this redness and swelling may last a few days. Icing the area for 10 minutes every hour will help with the healing process.

One thing to note about eyebrow tattoo removal is that the many of inks used in cosmetic ink contains different types of metals. The main one being iron. Which when lasered can oxidise. Turning the eyebrow tattoo into a rusty red, brown or orange colour. However with continued treatments, the red rusty colour will eventually vanish.

Will the natural eyebrow be affected?

There is less than 5% chance that the laser will damage or kill the eyebrow hair. It may singe some of the hairs. And may result in the hairs falling out. However, the hair almost always grows back to it’s natural hair colour.


Following the proper aftercare will ensure you heal quickly and avoid any skin complications. We will apply a tattoo removal cream, which will help with the healing. Avoid soaps and creams that might irritate the area. Do not pluck around the area. Avoid hot high pressure water. Be gentle and take care when washing your face. Don’t use make-up on the treated area. This may cause infection and possibly delay the healing process.

When will I see results?

Most fading will happen within 2 weeks. In some cases within 1 week following the treatment. But as mentioned every tattoo is different and everyone reacts differently. The stronger the immune system, the quicker the tattoo can fade. There are other steps to help speed up the tattoo removal process.

For any further questions about laser tattoo removal give us a call today 1300 74 50 74.

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