I Just Had My Tattoo Removed. Can I Get A New Tattoo In The Same Area?

Have you ever wondered if you can get a new tattoo on the same area of skin that has already been treated for laser tattoo removal? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. Because the answer is yes, you can tattoo over a removed tattoo.

Goodbye Tattoos, the laser tattoo removal specialists in Neutral Bay, Sydney, have many clients who want to remove a section of an existing tattoo to simply add to it. Often people want to get a bigger tattoo or fade a tattoo so they can cover it up with a new one.

Either way, after a few laser tattoo removal sessions, your skin will be ready to give you the freedom of choice. We recommend waiting for a minimum of 6 weeks from the laser tattoo removal treatment to getting the new tattoo. Why? Because it’s important to let the skin heal and be ready.

Our Neutral Bay laser tattoo removal specialists are ready to answer any questions you have. We offer no-obligation consultations to make sure you are aware of the entire process before you proceed. Get in touch with Goodbye Tattoos today goodbyetattoos.com

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