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Laser Tattoo Removal with the Quanta Q Plus C Machine

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, but what happens when that expression no longer serves you. Or represents who you are.

Laser tattoo removal provides a safe and effective solution for removing your unwanted tattoos. With advancements in technology, the process has become increasingly faster and less painful.

At Goodbye Tattoos, we use the The Quanta Q Plus C machine, which is a Q-Switched laser. And is a state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal device that delivers results with speed, precision, and comfort.

How it works?

Laser tattoo removal works by using laser energy to break down the ink particles in the tattoo.

The Quanta Q Plus C machine uses a highly focused laser beam to target the ink particles without damaging the surrounding skin.

The laser energy is absorbed by the ink particles. After that the ink breaks down in smaller particles.

Over time, these particles will be naturally flushed out via your lymphatic system. Which is your body’s natural cleansing system.

Quanta Q Plus C laser and Coolio cooling machine at Goodbye Tattoos studio in Sydney
Tattoo removal image demonstrating the laser beams targeting the tattoo ink with a visual of an arm showing the fading of tattoo across 5 treatments

Quanta Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal

The Quanta Q Plus C machine uses a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, which is one of the most effective types of lasers for tattoo removal.

This laser effectively removes a wide range of tattoo colours.

The Quanta Q Plus C machine provides several benefits for anyone looking to remove their tattoos.

These benefits include:

  1. Faster Treatments: The Quanta Q Plus C machine is designed to deliver results faster than other laser tattoo removal devices. This means that you can achieve the results you want in fewer sessions. Thus saving you time and money.
  2. Precision: The machine’s highly-focused laser beam ensures that the ink particles are targeted precisely. Therefore minimising the risk of damaging the surrounding skin.
  3. Effective Results: The Quanta Q Plus C machine is one of the most effective tattoo removal devices on the market. Which means it delivers outstanding results for your tattoo and skin.

Tattoo removal doesn’t have to be a painful or time-consuming process. With the Quanta Q Plus C machine, you can say goodbye to your unwanted tattoo quickly, comfortably and with confidence. If you’re looking for a safe and effective solution for removing your tattoo, consider laser tattoo removal with the Quanta Q Plus C machine.


At Goodbye Tattoos, we provide our clients with pain management using a skin cooling machine.

We use the skin cooling machine, before, during and after the treatment.

The Zimmer Cryo 6 is a cryotherapy device that is used in conjunction with laser tattoo removal to enhance the treatment’s effectiveness and reduce discomfort for you.


One of the primary benefits of using the Zimmer Cryo 6 for laser tattoo removal is that it helps to minimise pain during the procedure. The cooling effect of the device numbs the skin. And reduces swelling and sensitivity. Making the treatment much more comfortable for you. It may also help to reduce anxiety. Allowing for more effective and efficient treatment.

In addition to reducing pain, the Zimmer Cryo 6 improves the overall results of laser tattoo removal. The cooling effect of the device helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.

Image of a laser tattoo removal specialist with the skin cooling machine Zimmer Cryo 6

The Zimmer Cryo 6 is also a safe and non-invasive form of therapy. It is easy to use. And with it’s customisable settings, the device is adjusted to deliver the optimal level of cooling for you. Therefore ensuring you receive the best possible treatment experience.

In conclusion, the Zimmer Cryo 6 is a valuable tool for enhancing the effectiveness and comfort of laser tattoo removal. It helps to reduce pain and improve results. And makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a safe and effective method of tattoo removal

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