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Only the best laser tattoo removal machine for you

At Goodbye Tattoos, we use only the best laser tattoo removal machine. We never compromise on the quality of our service or our equipment.

And is why, for all our treatments we use the best performing laser tattoo removal machine. The Quanta Q-Plus C laser. This machine is a Q-switched laser, manufactured by Quanta System from Milan, Italy.

The Quanta Q-Plus C laser tattoo removal machine is known globally, as one of the best, high performing laser systems with the ability to remove tattoos of all colours, shapes, and sizes. So this means better results for you.

For the techies out there, you will appreciate that this is a Q-switched Nd: YAG (1064/532nm) up to 10 Hz & the Ruby Laser (694nm) up to 3 Hz. It also features 6 NanoSecond Q-Switched pulse duration.

It comes with MJ power of 1200, which ensures that your tattoos are removed swiftly and completely. The Q-Plus C is the benchmark for all other tattoo removal devices.​

Quanta Q Plus C laser and Coolio cooling machine at Goodbye Tattoos studio in Sydney

Quanta Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Quanta Q Switch laser tattoo removal machine works by giving off short and extremely powerful laser pulses, with nanosecond speed. This ensures that the entire process will be very efficient because the laser hits the ink particles directly and very precisely.

Another factor that sets our laser apart from all other laser systems, is that it doesn’t concentrate the energy in one spot. Other tattoo removal machines tend to do this and create ‘hot spots’. As a result, the process becomes more painful for the clients and it can cause bleeding and scarring.

The Quanta Q plus-C laser system, on the other hand, prevents any overlaps of energy and distributes it evenly over an area. This way, the skin is not burned or damaged and the tattoo is easily removed in a couple of sessions.​​

Learn more here about the tattoo removal process and see what a tattoo removal treatment looks like.


At Goodbye Tattoos, we provide our clients with pain management throughout the entire treatment.

We use the Zimmer Cryo 6. This device reduces discomfort during a laser tattoo removal treatment. The temperature is set to -30C. Our technicians use this before, during and after to ensure s the skin is kept cool throughout the entire treatment. Meaning a quick and bearable treatment for you.

Image of a laser tattoo removal specialist with the skin cooling machine Zimmer Cryo 6

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