Aftercare Essentials: Post-Laser Tattoo Removal Care

Secure Your Results: Expert Aftercare for Laser Tattoo Removal

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What to Expect During Your Tattoo Removal Healing Process

It’s important to follow the correct laser tattoo removal aftercare. Here at Goodbye Tattoos, our service is not limited to just the tattoo removal procedure. We take care of you throughout the entire process.

First and foremost our priority is to say goodbye to your unwanted tattoo.

However, our goal is also to keep your skin in the best condition.

To make sure we achieve a successful treatment, we need you to follow a few simple steps.

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Before you come in for the treatment, you need to take care of your skin.​

Did you know sun exposure can affect the removal process? Well, it can. If you are tanned, it makes the treatment ineffective.

We need to ensure your skin tone is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Use minimum SPF 30+. And cover the tattoo area for 2 weeks before treatment.

Please shave any hair that is in the tattoo area. This is because laser may singe the hair​.

We will prepare the treated area using adequate hygiene procedures. The tattooed area will be cleaned with Alco wipes.


With the correct tattoo removal aftercare we can ensure we are speeding up the healing process and looking after your skin condition.

To minimise discomfort, we cool the tattooed area with a skin cooling machine. This is even before we start the laser treatment. Following the treatment, we continue to cool the skin for a few more minutes. After that, we apply a thin layer of Stratamed. This is a non-sticky, transparent gel. Which acts as a protective layer of skin.

Avoid excessive heat to the skin for 24-48 hours following treatment. So not hot showers or saunas. And no excessive exercise. See here for more comprehensive aftercare tips.

In between treatments, limit sun exposure. If you have to go in the sun, use SPF 30+ or 50+. And cover with protective clothing.

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