How long do I need to wait in between my laser tattoo removal treatments?

When you start researching about the laser tattoo removal process, one question you might have is ‘How long do I need to wait in between my laser tattoo removal treatments?’

And you might be surprised to learn you need to wait at least 6-8 weeks between laser tattoo removal treatments. If you speak to a laser tattoo removal expert, they will tell you that this is the recommended amount of time for a successful result.


This is because when the laser light penetrates the ink, the ink shatters into tiny little particles.

The shattered ink is then eliminated through the lymphatic system. This is the body’s natural cleansing system. The body will continue to eliminate the shattered ink over the coming weeks and this process will continue into weeks 4 and 5. Going back for another treatment too soon can hinder the process and thus cause problems.

Have Patience

Another reason you need to wait this long is to allow your skin to completely heal. Whilst on the surface your skin might look like it’s healed however the deeper layers of the skin take time to heal. So, to perform another treatment so soon, and to cause ‘trauma’ if you will, could lead to scarring.

Going back too soon interferes with the process, and you’ll be wasting your money.

We do also advise to follow the aftercare instructions so we can achieve optimum results. Keep the treated area out of the sun for at least 1 week before the next treatment. If you must go in the sun be sure to use SPF30+ sunscreen and keep covered up if possible.

At Goodbye Tattoos Sydney, as well as tattoo removal, our goal here to make sure your skin stays in the best possible condition, so we highly recommend waiting at least 6 weeks between treatments. Tattoo removal takes patience and planning.

Our friendly laser tattoo removal specialists cover all of the above, and more in the initial consultation. Get in touch today and book in for a free consultation at

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