How many treatments for laser tattoo removal?

You only have to take a stroll along the beach to see how popular tattoos are. However, getting a tattoo isn’t like getting your hair or nails done, where you are required to go back every 4-8 weeks, tattoos are permanent and last forever. Like hairstyle trends, tattoo trends also change, which means more and more people are starting to consider laser tattoo removal.

One of the most common questions we get at Goodbye Tattoos is ‘How many treatments do I need for laser tattoo removal?’

And the answer is…. there is no simple answer. Every individual is different, and therefore every tattoo is different.

Laser tattoo removal process explained visually


Understanding how laser tattoo removal works will help to understand why it’s not as easy to predict.

On average a person will need between 6-10 tattoo removal treatments, however, some may need more, some may need less. This is all based on several variables largely based on the below:



Tattoo colour

Certain colours are easier to remove than others. Black and darker inks are easier to get rid of. This is because black ink absorbs all wavelengths of light. Blues and Greens generally require more sessions. Reds and other ‘warm’ colours can take longer.

Skin Tone

It may surprise you that skin tone does influence laser tattoo removal. The laser light is attracted to the dark tattoo ink. Therefore, lighter skin which has less melanin can see quicker results. Darker skin tones have more melanin, making it difficult for the laser to differentiate between the tattoo ink and skin pigment, so may require more sessions.

At Goodbye Tattoos, we refer to the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale to estimate the number of sessions needed.

laser tattoo removal skin type scale


Also, sun exposure also has an effect on tattoo removal and can delay the process. We advise staying out of the sun for at least 2 weeks before a tattoo removal treatment. If you have to go in the sun, then please keep the tattooed area covered up and apply a good sunscreen. We love Beachfox



Layering of tattoos

Laser tattoo removal is like peeling back an onion skin. Only one layer can be treated at a time. If you have a layered tattoo, then it may require a few more sessions to get through all the layers of ink.

Tattoo Location

To understand this one, it’s probably worth knowing how laser tattoo removal works. The laser energy breaks down the pigment into tiny little pieces. Your lymphatic system then eliminates the ink through your natural bodily functions.

The areas of your body with the most circulation can see faster results, whereas areas with low circulation can take longer, like lower wrists, hands, lower legs and feet.


Picture of all different types of fruit and veg against a yellow background

Tattoo removal works by eliminating the fragmented ink particles via the body’s natural cleansing system. The healthier the individual means the quicker the results. So, for someone who smokes and drinks regularly, the process can be slower. This is because your body is having to deal with so many other toxins.

Give your immune system a boost before a tattoo removal treatment, to help prepare your body. In short, drinks lots of water, eat healthy foods and get plenty of rest before and after a laser tattoo removal treatment.


Amount of ink

We need to look at the amount of ink applied by the tattoo artist. Is the tattoo ink quite dense? Is there a lot of ink? If so, this could result in needing more treatments to remove.

Age of the tattoo

Although tattoos are permanent, the pigment does actually fade over time. So faded tattoos can be easier to remove. If you have multiple tattoos you want to get rid, might be an idea to start with the oldest one and work backwards from there.

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