Top reasons for laser tattoo removal

August 8, 2019

Author: Jamie Tomlinson

At Goodbye Tattoos, we’re frequently asked about the most common reasons people opt for laser tattoo removal.

We understand things in life are not always the same and not everything is permanent. Our team of experts never judge rather we empathise and understand. Our team will always make you feel welcome and provide you with the best service.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 8 reasons people may choose to get rid  of or fade a tattoo. There may be more but these are the most common 8 ones we hear.

1. Removing the name of an ex-partner

Probably one of the most common reasons for laser tattoo removal. You were in love once but sadly it didn’t last. The benefit of laser tattoo removal is that if you love the surrounding tattoo area but just want to get rid of the name, we can do this very precisely with our laser machine.

Reasons for laser tattoo removal. Man with tattoos on the phone and his girlfriend who is not happy with him

2. Holiday Memory

You had the holiday of a lifetime. You went to the most beautiful place on the planet. You were relaxed, happy, and this was the best you’ve ever felt. You need a memory of this moment. So, you get a tattoo. You come home after your holiday, and after a week of still feeling amazing, reality hits. For some reason, the tattoo doesn’t look as good as it did on your dream location, when you were by the pool, or on a beach!

Young couple, with tattoos on their back, on a beach holding up watermelons

3. The tattoo has lost its meaning

At the time of getting the tattoo, it meant so much to you. It reminded you of a time and place you were in, and you needed to capture it. However that time has passed, and it doesn’t mean that much to you anymore, so it needs to be gone. We can help.

Woman with tattoo, deep in thought regretting her tattoo

4. Setting an example to your kids

Your parents warned you but you didn’t listen, you really wanted a tattoo at the time. However, now you have kids of your own, you wished you’d listened to your folks. So, before your children are old enough to notice your tattoo, you need it removed. Come in and see us.

Man with tattoo having a laugh with his young daughter

5. To add more tattoos

Some of our clients love their tattoos and want to add more. To do so, they need certain parts of their tattoos faded. Some just want to start again with a clean canvas. Whatever your reason, we are here to help.

Cartoon drawing of a woman getting more tattoos on her arm

6. For your new partner

So, you’ve met someone new. As much as they love you, they don’t love your tattoo. And you wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to your tattoo anyway. Now is the best time to start.

Happy couple in love, with sun setting behind them

7. To land that dream job

The sad truth is that some industries still judge people with tattoos. So if you are studying to get on the path to your dream career, or in line for a promotion, and your tattoo is not accepted, our team are here to advise and start you on your tattoo removal journey.

Newspaper opened at the Jobs section, with someone looking at the word DreamJob through a magnifying glass

8. The Big Day

The love of your life has just proposed to you and you said yes! Congratulations.

There are many reasons to get rid of tattoos before the big day; ex-boyfriend’s name, the dress you had in mind doesn’t cover the tattoo or you just don’t want to look back at your photos from the big day in years to come and see your ink.

Having said that, many women absolutely nail it with tattoos on their big day and look stunning.

However, if you feel you want your body to be a clear canvas for your wedding day, there is a solution available to you in laser tattoo removal.

Bride in white sitting down holding a bouquet of flowers

9. A drunken mistake

We all do things we don’t mean to when we’ve had a few too many wines. Rocking up to a tattoo parlour after a big night out is not an uncommon one. But now you regret it. “What were you thinking???’’ you ask yourself, and “What design did I even ask for??”

Two men at a bar with beers in their hands

Can you think of any other reasons for laser tattoo removal? Get in touch and let us know.

Rest assured, no judgement here at Goodbye Tattoos. Our team are here to help you make the right start on your laser tattoo removal journey. Get in touch today to book a free consultation. We are ready to hear from you.

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