If you are looking into getting rid of an unwanted tattoo, then you might be asking yourself, what does tattoo removal feel like?

The next question you’ll be asking is does tattoo removal hurt? Is removing tattoos painful?

And who better to answer these questions than some of our very own clients. Straight from the horses mouth as they say.

Everyone handle’s pain differently 

It’s worth mentioning that pain is completely individualised. If you tell someone that something is going to hurt, then you go in with that expectation. At Goodbye Tattoos, we don’t like to use the word painful. We prefer to say uncomfortable but manageable.

Everyone handles pain differently. We all have different pain thresholds. There are a few pain management options available. These options help make the treatment bearable.

I would like to mention that I do have a tattoo. And I was eager to find out, what does tattoo removal feel like. So I had a tattoo removal treatment myself. I want to keep this tattoo. So I only had the one treatment. But I can still tell you what tattoo removal feels like to me. And I will share this below.

What our clients said

I asked a large number of my clients what tattoo removal feels like to them. And here is what they said:

  • A large majority said it felt like a rubber band flicking against their skin. Or a hot rubber band flicking against their skin. I can vouch for that. Because that’s what it felt like for me.
  • Being shot with tiny paintballs.
  • Being flicked really hard by someone with sharp nails but manageable.
  • Getting splatters of oil on your skin when cooking bacon. But the skin cooling machine helps.
  • A bit more intense than laser hair removal, but over much quicker.

Things to consider

As mentioned, there are a few pain management options available. And the main one we use to the skin cooling machine. This helps cool the skin right down before we start the treatment. The other thing worth noting is a lot came back and said it’s manageable. Because the treatment is over so quickly. So depending on the size of the tattoo, you won’t be sat in the chair for too long.

All the above doesn’t sound too bad right? Hopefully you have a bit of an idea of what tattoo removal feels like. According to our very own clients.

Also different parts of the body might be more painful than others. As you will see from the video above.

So there you go, before you change your mind about tattoo removal, be sure to research your pain management options. And know that the treatments are over very quickly.

Be sure to share this post if you know of anyone looking into tattoo removal. It might help  them get on their journey. And we are always here to answer any questions. [email protected] / 1300 74 50 74

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