Will laser tattoo removal completely remove a tattoo?

May 6, 2022

Author: Jamie Tomlinson

Will laser tattoo removal completely remove a tattoo? The short answer is yes, however results vary person to person. Every individual is different and so is every tattoo.

This is why it’s important to be patient when it comes to tattoo removal. We always say tattoo removal is a journey and it certainly is. As with everything in life, staying consistent will get the best results.

When looking at how many treatments you need for tattoo removal, we have to consider 8 different variables:

1. Tattoo colour

Different ink colours are easier to remove than others. Black and darker inks are the easiest to remove, followed by reds and warmer tones. The most difficult ink colours are blues and greens which generally need more treatments.

2. Skin Tone

Your skin type will fall into one of 6 different skin types. The lighter and fairer the skin, the quicker the tattoo removal process. Sun exposure also has an effect on tattoo removal. For an effective treatment, please keep the tattooed area out of the sun and please no fake tanning.

3. Layering of tattoos

If you have a tattoo that has been covered up with another tattoo, then we have to break through that many more layers of ink, which may require a few treatments than normal.

4. Tattoo location

Tattoos that are closest to the heart may see quicker results. That’s because of the higher circulation. Areas of the body with lower circulation may result in tattoo taking slightly longer to fade.

5. Health

Individual health is huge factor in getting rid of that ink. The lymphatic system works by eliminating the shattered ink after a laser tattoo removal treatment. The healthier you are, the quicker the process the heart may see quicker results. That’s because of the higher circulation. Areas of the body with lower circulation may result in tattoo taking slightly longer to fade.

6. Amount of ink

If there is a significant amount of ink in the tattoo, then this might require a few more treatments.

7. Age of tattoo

Older tattoos are generally easier to get rid of than newer, fresher tattoos. This is why tattoos that are 20 years old look more faded over time. Because the body is naturally trying to get rid of that ink. But due to the ink particles being too large, it’s not so successful. This is when the help of the laser comes in. By breaking down the ink particles into tiny little pieces, it’s easier for the body to flush that ink out.

8. Professional or Amateur

Professional tattoos are harder to remove. This is due to the fact that the ink is deposited deeper into the Dermis. A tattoo which has been done by an Amateur, whether its a tattoo gun used by a friend or a stick and poke tattoo, the ink will not be inserted as deep in to the Dermis, thus making it easier to get rid of.

As we’ve said before every tattoo is different and so is every individual. Some people may find their tattoo can be completely removed in fewer treatments. And some tattoos might just need a few extra treatments to completely remove a tattoo.

You can help speed up the laser tattoo removal process by following these few simple tips.

Be sure to check out our YouTube page, where you can see what a laser tattoo removal treatment looks like. Plus lots more useful information. To get started on your laser tattoo removal journey get in touch with Goodbye Tattoos today. Call 1300 74 50 74. Or email info@goodbyetattoo.com.

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