Can I get a cover up over a removed tattoo?

Have you ever wondered if you can get a cover up over a removed tattoo? The answer is yes. Times change, fashion changes, mindsets change. Often people want to get a bigger tattoo or fade an existing tattoo so they can cover it up with a new one. So if you have a tattoo you simply want to cover up, then you should consider fading it first. And laser tattoo removal can help with that.

The laser tattoo removal process

Laser tattoo removal can take between 6-10 treatments to completely remove. However this does depend on different variables/factors:

⭐Tattoo colour, ⭐Skin Tone, ⭐Layering of tattoos ⭐Tattoo Location ⭐Health ⭐Amount of ink, ⭐Age of tattoo ⭐Professional or Amateur. We dig a little deeper into this here.

Everyone reacts to tattoo removal differently. Some people need less some people need more.


Tattoo cover up

If you wanted to cover up over an existing tattoo, you may need less treatments than if you wanted complete removal. We suggest speaking to your tattoo artist. They will be able to tell you how much you’ll need your tattoo faded for them to do their artistic work.

It’s important to maintain great skin care and avoid scarring. So we recommend waiting for a minimum of 6 weeks from your last laser tattoo removal treatment before getting your new tattoo. If you can be patient, waiting even longer will be very beneficial for you. Because by then your skin will be healed and the body will have eliminated as much ink as possible.

Our Neutral Bay laser tattoo removal specialists are ready to answer any questions you have. We offer no-obligation consultations to make sure you are aware of the entire process before you proceed. Get in touch with Goodbye Tattoos today at [email protected]

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