One frequent question asked is “Is laser tattoo removal painful?”

And one of the reasons is because of the many stories about how painful it is. Which people here from their friends and family. However, it’s worth noting that these friends and family members may not know if laser tattoo removal is painful. Because many have never had tattoo removal treatment before. And are only going by what they themselves have read. So, don’t listen to them!

It’s also worth noting that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. What your friends or family find painful, might be a walk in the park for you. Location of the tattoo is also a consideration. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. See here for more information tattoo removal and pain management. 

The laser energy is very powerful and hits the pigment at a billionth of a second. However, the treatment is very quick. Some compare it to splatters of grease when cooking on a hot frying pan. Some treatments are over in seconds. You could be in and out of the clinic within 10 minutes. Depending on the size of the tattoo, of course.

Pain Management

When visiting a tattoo removal clinic, you will be taken through the various pain management options available to you. Most salons use a cooling system. This makes the treatments slightly more bearable. Here at Goodbye Tattoos, we use the Zimmer Cyro 6. Known to be one of the most effective cooling machines.

The Zimmer is a chilled air-cooling device, which provides a continuous flow of chilled air before, during and after the treatment.

The tattooed area is cooled a few minutes prior to the laser treatment and continued throughout the treatment and then for a few minutes after the treatment. Most people find this is enough and don’t require any additional numbing agents.

However, if you are very sensitive then we suggest using a numbing cream. Apply the numbing cream over the tattoo area and cover the area with Glad Wrap an hour before the treatment.

The treated area may feel slightly sunburnt for a couple of days, but this is very common. Applying a cold pack to the treated area to help cool it down, will do the trick. However, most people have never needed to do this.

After treatment, we will cover the treated area with a gauze, and this is more for your safety as we want to avoid injury to the area. Keep hydrated and before you know it, you’ll be ready for the next treatment.

More information

If you are interested in knowing how many tattoo removal treatments you might need, see more information here.

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