Will laser tattoo removal leave a scar?

If you are looking into getting rid of a tattoo, one obvious question you’ll have is will laser tattoo removal leave a scar?

There are many false claims that tattoo removal leads to scarring. In fact it is very uncommon to get scarring from a tattoo removal treatment…..if the proper process and aftercare is followed.

Additionally, a few things note. Firstly, if you already have scarring in the area, then this will still remain after your tattoo removal. Secondly, getting the tattoo itself can lead to scarring. As the skin tissues start to heal, scarring can develop from the skin producing collagen.

What happens after a tattoo removal treatment?

After a laser tattoo removal treatment, it is common for some people to get pinpoint bleeding. And bruising. However, if you follow the proper aftercare advice, then this should heal quick. And you’ll avoid being left with a scar.

What if I get blisters after laser tattoo removal?

A lot of people get alarmed when they get blistering. However, blisters after a laser tattoo removal treatment, is a normal reaction. And it should not worry you. It is a positive sign. It means the healing process is going well. And the ink is being successfully eliminated from your body. And blisters usually heal within 2 weeks. In case of blister Do not puncture them, let them reabsorb or break on their own.

Laser tattoo removal image of blistering

At Goodbye Tattoos, we use a medical scar therapy gel called Stratamed. This aftercare gel aids in speeding up the healing process and scar management. It also reduces susceptibility to inflammation. It gives relief from redness and itching. And discomfort and helps maximise pigment retention.

Aftercare advice

Avoid excessive heat in the skin (exercise, hot bath or shower, sauna etc for 24-48 hours)

Do not expose the treated area to the sun between appointments

Use SPF30+ or 50+ when in the sun as well as protective clothing

Avoid exposure to chemicals (swimming, hot tubs etc)

Do not pick or scratch

Avoid injury to the skin

The treated area may feel slightly sunburned for a couple of days and cold packs can be applied as needed for comfort

The treated area may remain red and raised for a few days up to a few weeks

It’s common to develop an itching sensation during the healing process

To decrease the itching, you can apply 1% Hydrocortisone cream (do NOT scratch)

So if all aftercare advice is followed correctly, then there. And you’ll be rid of that tattoo and have healthy looking skin at the same time.

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